About Bruanas Collectables


On this website from beginning to end, I will bring you choices of treasures that abound from all over the world!

We have a rich, vibrant world of products to meet our needs and wishes, so whether you have a needs list or a wish list, visit and look over our offerings.

Too often we let hurry in shipping times limit us in price or quality to our own back door when just for a little wait we could have both!

Whether from the wonders of the Far East or the icy regions of the Far North, Treasures Abound and are there for the shopper!

Image of front of Kohl's Store showing Kohl's partnering with  Amazon.

Americas – Amazon – Kohl’s

In the Americas, there are the great markets of the United States, long known for products to please the pickiest shopper! Whether you begin with Amazon or Kohl’s you have your choice of a million products!

Understanding that first is the choice of product by type or name brand, your decision. Looking for quality and price we can afford is important! Now check shipping, and can you get your product for less if you wait a short while for it to come to you?